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Back in October last year, I applied to join the ambassador program of US health, fitness and wellbeing website Greatist. Their aim is very simple; to inspire people to change their lives for the healthier by making better choices every single day. At around this time, I was coming to the realisation that adopting that kind of attitude was what was going to get my health, fitness and weight on track, hopefully for the rest of my life. I wanted to explore this idea more, and hopefully share my journey with others, so when my application was accepted, I was over the moon. The Greatist Manifesto sums it up perfectly, and I cannot recommend enough taking a moment to read it:

More must-read health & fitness news and information at Greatist.

What I’ve loved about being part of such a vibrant, healthy, positive community is how inspiring it’s all been. I am definitely a pasty British rookie amongst a gaggle of hugely accomplished athletes, some of whom have chosen sport as a career, and yet the inclusive nature of the community means that even my achievements are celebrated. And if I get home from work and am feeling a bit ambivalent about heading out for a run? One look at the #imagreatist hashtag on Twitter is enough to have me pulling on my trainers.

It doesn’t just stop at fitness though. Greatist takes a happily wholistic approach to living the best life you can, so if you need inspiration for dinner tonight (I’m a big fan of their avocado pasta), some tips on sleeping better, or ideas about being happier, it’s worth having a look.

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You can check out my ambassador profile here.