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This weekend is a first for me in that tomorrow night I am going to a Super Bowl party, hosted by Papa Thorne. We decided a few months ago to take Monday off work so that we could stay up all night to watch the game, and I’ve been studying ‘Football For Dummies’ (it’s a thing, really) in preparation. In addition to this I decided tonight to get my nails ready for the event too! Choosing a side was easy, my love for California, and more specifically San Francisco, meant that I was always going to be a 49ers girl!

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I’ve used O.P.I’s ‘A-Taupe The Space Needle’ for the footballs, and No. 7’s Stay Perfect ‘Devil’s Delight’ red and ‘Hot To Trot’ gold for the rest, with a white nail art pen helping with the details. Sure, it’s not perfect by any means, but it’s a bit of fun, and a way to show my support when I don’t have any replica kit! Hope you like the bottle of Bud prop too!