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A couple of weeks ago on Twitter I was having a whinge about how the wintry weather was playing Hell with my usually (relatively) complaint hair. I had a serious static situation going on, and I needed help. The lovely Kelly, who blogs at Hair Advice & All Things Nice came to my rescue and suggested that a leave-in conditioner might provide me with some hydrating relief. It being January and all, I asked Kelly if she had any high-street recommendations, and she came back with the ultimate budget product: Boots Ingredients Coconut & Almond Leave-In Conditioner.


At just £1.39 a bottle, I was able to pick this beauty up with the change in my pocket, and boy, does it work! If you’re unfamiliar with how leave-in conditioners work, you simply shampoo as normal, towel-try hair (my advice would be a more gentle blot if you’re trying to fight static), spray the product through the length of your hair, comb through (again, be gentle!) and you’re good to go with your normal styling regime.

This product smells amazing – always a bonus – and has genuinely made a difference to the static situation atop my head. My barnet has become much easier to style, and I can run a brush through it again without giving myself a minor electric shock. As my hair is a light blonde, I was worried that the leave-in conditioner might weigh my hair down and leave it looking a little greasy, but I needn’t have been concerned as it’s light enough whilst still getting the job done. On one or two occasions, my hair has even gone a day longer than usual between washes – result!

On the whole, for less than the price of a pack of hair grips, I can’t think of a better way to treat static hair this winter, without resorting to a hat until spring comes!