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Today’s shot shows the souvenir and ‘proper’ front cover of the Saturday Times.  I watched all of the Olympic Opening Ceremony last night, even running home from a friends house (in a dress and flip-flops) part-way through so I didn’t miss too much!

I don’t mind saying that there are aspects of this year’s Games that I have been less than comfortable with, the main one being a sponsorship and funding structure which means that the companies who receive the most prominent endorsement also happen to be the ones selling fast food, chocolate and carbonated drinks.  If, as a nation, we are so keen to use this Olympics as a jumping-off point for inspiring the general public about sport, we must acknowledge the part that healthy eating has to play in this too.  Usain Bolt and his well-documented love of chicken nuggets is the exception, not the rule; for almost every other athlete, great results must be fuelled by great nutrition, and I’m not sure allowing certain big brands to be principal sponsors carries this message forward.

All this aside though, I do love a big event.  Last night’s Ceremony was nothing short of a masterpiece, bringing the world’s understanding of what ‘being British’ means bang up to date.  The whole thing made me laugh, cry, swoon (Daniel Craig and David Beckham: wow) and go “ooooh”.  I shall be watching what I can of the actual sport too, the more random the better.  Greco-Roman wrestling, anyone?