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I did it!  As I had suggested yesterday, I really wasn’t sure how I was going to feel on race day, and I hadn’t decided whether I was going to run or walk the route.  As it happened, I went for a combination of the two, and got round in 1.21.55.  Not exactly a champion time, but for me it was all about having a good time, so if at any point I could feel the grimace creeping onto my face I slowed down and enjoyed the atmosphere and the support.  Massive well done to everyone who took part, and especially those I knew who put in some absolutely killer times!

I love race day, and I feel that at the moment that’s clouding my judgement a little, as it’s making me want to keep up with the running, but I haven’t decided what my next challenge is going to be just yet; there are a few options in the pipeline, it’s just a case of choosing!