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So I wasn’t feeling the 10k run I told you about on Friday, but I set out anyway, but it only took me a mile to realise that I wasn’t feeling quite right.  Rather than giving up, I decided to do the route anyway but powerwalking instead of running.  I  completed 6 miles in 1 hour 25, which is pretty respectable pace as far as I’m concerned.  I really enjoyed the slightly slower pace and it has left me wondering whether I might take the walk-don’t-run option for the actual race in two weeks time, given how it’s going to be easier on my joints and just feels more achievable.

Anyway, moving on.  My exercise this morning was followed by a pub lunch with Tom, Abby and baby Eleanor (who I am in love with) and then a chilled afternoon at home, with Claire coming over for a few G&Ts tonight.  Bombay Sapphire really is, hands down, the best gin ever.