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I do realise that it’s a little stereotypical to resurrect a blog on New Year’s Day, and that there are probably thousands of other bloggers – new and old – bringing projects to life today under the impression that now is the right time to give it a whirl, but so what?  For me, the reduced working hours of the festive period has given me the breathing space to asses the projects I am involved in, as well as the ones I have allowed to fall by the wayside and to consider where I should be focussing my energy.  As a result, I’ve decided to dust off ‘Better Read Than Heard’, tweak the layout, and kickstart 2012 with a very simple project: a photo a day.  I need to make better use of my camera, and one picture every day, like some kind of creative prescription, is a fun challenge as well as an opportunity to improve my photography skills.  There are dedicated websites (such as Blipfoto) and Twitter hashtags  for this kind of project, but I want to build on my portfolio here rather than spreading myself out even more thinly.

The plan is that I will bump start the writing somewhere along the way too, but I suppose at this early stage it would be foolish to try and do too much too quickly, and I still haven’t definitely worked out what I actually want to write about.  My work for British Style Bloggers continues though, so until I’ve made my mind up, you can check out my attempts to understand the style world – and the efforts of my far more talented colleagues – right here.

In the mean-time, here is photograph #1. January 1st activites: nail-painting and diary and calendar filling.  I still love to write things down, even in this electronic age.

© Naomi Thorne, 2012