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Even without a heavy night on a Saturday, I am rarely up and about as early as this on a Sunday morning, so it really is quite a surprise to be sat at my computer at not long after 10 musing over a blog post.  Last night was my work summer ball, followed by more drinks and dancing in Bristol until the wee small hours, so naturally I feel like I might die today and am vowing never to drink again.  You know the score.  Anyway, I’m conscious that once again I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit recently – I’ve just been so damn busy.  I haven’t had a completely free weekend since July, and don’t have one coming until late September, so when I am at home, it’s been more about catching up on sleep and housework (in that order) than writing.  So anyway, here’s a little round-up of the last week, with a few bits and pieces from recent weeks thrown in too.

*  A £469.70 tax refund.  That’s my holiday at the end of the year paid for then.  Thanks, HMRC!

*  Joining the dark side.

*A new running playlist, and the motivation it can provide during those dark times on a weekend 6-miler.

*  The nice feeling that comes from spending weekends catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

*  Jägerbombs.  Why do I keep doing it to myself?

*  Work banter.  Endless work banter.  If I was smart enough to convert what goes on into stand-up material, it’d be a hit, I’m sure.

*  Being so, so glad that I chose to spend £500 on a camera.  The memories I have created already are so worth it.  I just need to teach Dan to use it, so that I can appear in a few more!

*  Speaking of Dan…  I know I tease, but he really is the boss.  Any man that stays up waiting for a summons to pick his lady up from town really is a keeper.

*  Season 1 of Cougar Town.  Well done Courtney Cox!

*  Charity bike race at Thruxton.  Lots of money raised for Mencap, lots of camping fun, and the chance to see my area manager painted blue.  All for a good cause!

*  In other work-related fun…  The aforementioned summer ball.  Wowee.

*  Driving home late, on myown, yelling along to ‘Can’t Stop’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Now there’s a throwback to being 16.

*  Legally Blonde: The Musical.  My dislike of the musical genre is pretty well documented, but I’m happy to report that my recent trip to the Bristol Hippodrome was top class.   A perfect girly night out with Mama Thorne and Little Sister!

*  Croquet on a weekend in Wiltshire.  That’s how I roll.

© Naomi Thorne, 2011