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As I mentioned in a recent post, I have just embarked upon a twelve-week training plan for the Cardiff Half Marathon, which will take place on October 16th.  I must confess, since completing the Bristol 10k back in May, my regular running habit had slipped somewhat.  As with just about anything else in my life, if I don’t have a specific event/target/occasion/etc. to aim for I slack off until shiz gets urgent.  The same can be said for my weight loss plans right now, although a summer full of weddings and balls doesn’t appear to have provided me with any incentive to drop some poundage; instead, I have put a chunk (yes, that is the technical term) of weight back on.

Thankfully, these two ‘issues’ in my life can meld together quite perfectly.  I am, quite simply, never going to run 13.1 miles in the shape that I’m in right now, so it’s time to remember the discipline that I seemed to have in spades at the end of last year and get fighting fit again.  Good food, four training runs a week, oh, and a charity cycle race this coming Sunday (I’m still not sure how I’m going to manage that one).  Yes, I have weekends away, parties and a holiday coming up too, all things that have the potential to temporarily derail me.  But, as I mentioned last week, I seem to have rediscovered some magical parcel of motivation and positivity.  Lord knows, I’m going to need it.

One thing I have found amazing though; scared as I was about starting training again, the power of a routine was somewhat comforting.  As I wriggled into my Lycra and slipped on my trainers, I felt a twinge of familiarity that made stepping out of the front door and onto the street (even in the very stuffy heat) that little bit easier.  Similarly, the sound of my running playlist pumping out of my iPod put me right back in the game.  OK, so once I actually started running, I realised just how far I have to go until I’m at an acceptable fitness standard, but the point is, at least I got out there.  I genuinely believe that the pre-run routine I established leading up to the 10k has embedded itself deeply enough in my brain to be a habit that I (hopefully) won’t forget.  Aforementioned iPod running out of juice halfway through my run was not especially helpful though, but never mind, onwards and upwards!

Not the remix I’m used to, but this is definitely one of my favourite workout tracks right now.  C’MON!