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When I got home from work today, I sat down at my computer almost immediately, and ended up going on what could feasibly described as a ‘rampage’ of productivity.  I cemented my 12-week training plan for the Cardiff Half Marathon (October 16th – eek!), sent a few important emails, and started to edit a couple of batches of photographs from the last few weeks.

The last few months I have been feeling a little bit ‘absent’ from things; I was feeling tired, but was so busy it felt like I was always chasing my tail.  As a result, I’ve let things slip a bit.  So, er, sorry about that I suppose, because my blog was one of them.

Thing is, I am feeling a helluva lot better now.  I’m not totally sure what changed – a week off work definitely helped – but I’m hoping that this positivity and determination is not some kind of false start.  I have lots of stuff to share with you and lots of things to be getting on with, so I really need this to be ‘it’ now.  When I was at school, and then University, I was one of those people who always performed better when her back was against the wall and the deadline was looming.  Maybe, with my half-marathon just twelve weeks away, a holiday on the horizon that I determined to be skinnier for and a future that keeps advancing that I wanted to be prepared for, ‘The Fear’ has finally kicked in.

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 “I’m baaaaack!”