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It is totally bizarre how quickly the weather has turned into something amazing.  I am told that it’s not going to last, but who cares?  For just one day of the weekend – conveniently, the one day I do not have to work – summer has well and truly ARRIVED!  I even have the patchy sunburn to prove it.  It baffles me that I have nearly reached the age of 24 and yet I still haven’t worked out how to evenly apply factor 15, although I’m chuffed to have shifted the ‘office-tan’ pallor from my face though!  Here is my weekly round-up of wonders!  No photos this week, I have been doing a bit of snapping, but nothing worth writing home about!

*  Visiting The Co-operative’s farm at Down Ampney on Thursday.  Yes, I was there for a team meeting, but I also got to see beehives, flowers and combine harvesters worth £300,000!

*  The arrival of TWO lots of online shopping packages in one day, and the excitement that creates.

*  FINALLY getting to the bottom of my colossal pile of ironing after it got so frighteningly big it tried to eat me!

*  Getting my legs back on and starting to look ahead to the Cardiff Half Marathon.

*  Getting regular updates from Glasto, courtesy of Little Sister.

*  Brand.  New.  Traffic.  Cops.  Seriously, a big day in our house.

*  Dan’s birthday balloon is still going!

*  Sunday picnics by the canal with Dan, his sister and her little boy.  So hot, but lots of fun!

*  Mine and Dan’s four-year anniversary.  Wowee, time flies!

*  I am seriously enjoying Caitlin Moran’s ‘How To Be A Woman’ – hilarious, heart-warming and really rather inspiring.