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After I saw Antonia @ Swedish Love Affair wearing this particular shade, I tracked down some Orly ‘Space Cadet’ polish on eBay.  Can you believe it was cheaper to have the polish shipped from Texas than to purchase it from a UK retailer?!  I have been wearing it for a couple of days now and I am definitely in love!

© Naomi Thorne, 2011

© Naomi Thorne, 2011

I tried to take some shots in different light as the iridescent nature of this polish is just unbelievable!  It’s green, gold, yellow, pink and purple and a few more shades in between. I have to admit, it has been keeping me entertained in moments of boredom.  I liked the way it was possible to build up the colour to the desired intensity, if you wanted to you could apply fewer, thinner coats and go for a more subtle shimmer.  But I don’t do things by halves, as might well already be apparent given that in order to try it for myself I had to have this product shipped halfway across the world!