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I absolutely hate starting the week off feeling tired, so I’m sorry to say that this week’s roundup will be fairly brief, as I am looking forward to getting to bed far too much.  Three, two, one, GO…

*  Saturday night hot tub at Rachel’s…

*…  And using the opportunity to ask Jack lots of questions.

*  It was Dan’s birthday on June 2nd, and his birthday helium balloon is still afloat in the sitting room!  Could this be some kind of record?

*  Flowers for no reason.

© Naomi Thorne, 2011

*  We now have TiVo.  I’m never leaving the house again.

*  The Hangover Part II.  Yes, a carbon copy of the first, but funny all the same.

*  Sunday visits to the grandparents (So.  Much.  Food) and lunch out with Little Sister.

*  Dan’s deadly ‘peri-peri’ chicken, that was actually just covered in chilli flakes.  Ouch.  Please read the spice jar labels next time, Mr Barton!

*  Papa Thorne and Kellie are off on their adventures around Europe for the next two weeks.  I am very jealous, and will be following their adventures via their twitter!  (@Welshie1 and @KellieSBennett)

*  Technological meltdown.  Curse you, Blackberry updates!

*  Mixing it up and buying The Telegraph.  No, it’s OK, I haven’t gone mad.  I was just fascinated by the Blair/Brown/Balls saga.