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All these Bank Holidays are spoiling me, I swear.  Going back to working, you know, FIVE days a week is going to be a shock and a half when it comes!  I hope you all have enjoyed your extended weekends, whatever you got up to and whatever the weather has done.  Although not quite as warm these last few days, the weather has still been unseasonably good in my little corner of South Gloucestershire recently.  I realised just the other day that in six weeks of 10k training I am yet to have to run in the rain – and before you say it, no I haven’t been changing training days just to avoid messing up my hair, it’s just been very temperate!  Running, as you’ll see, forms just a tiny part of what I’ve been up to this week:

*  Just two weeks left until 10k race day!  This week has seen me complete an 8k training run without dying, and the arrival of my race number!

© Naomi Thorne, 2011

*  A decidedly more low-key Bank Holiday weekend than the last one – lots of sleep and lounging ahoy!

*  British Style Bloggers has relaunched!  Lots of exciting thing happening that you can check out just here

*  Staying up late listening to music, just because I can.

*  A surprise gift from Papa Thorne and Kellie: a Radley handbag!  Lucky, lucky Naomi!

*  The Royal Wedding, of course.  In the run-up to the ‘big day’ I admit that I had been more excited by the free day off than the nuptials itself.  But – hey! – I got sucked in and it was fabulous.  Patriotism, pageantry and a beautiful dress, what more do you need?

*  The British Monarchy Flickr account has the best shots of the wedding – a photographers dream and nightmare at the same time!

*  Trailers for movies that I want to see – ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ and ‘Something Borrowed’ are on the must-see list right now!

*  Salon day – I love it.  I say it every month, but it never changes!

*  Jelly and ice cream at Dan’s mum’s house – yum!

*  This song, played at full blast, on repeat: