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Dan’s sister has a three-and-a-half year old son, and by and large he’s a pretty awesome kid.  But, as with most little ones, if he’s had a little bit too much fun and games of a day, The Dreaded Over-Tired kicks in.  As I sit here typing this post, I feel that at the grand old age of twenty-three and a half, I am genuinely in danger of going to that dark place myself.  Thing is, it’s just been one of those fabulous weekends where it’s been fun and games from start to finish (just about).  Before I start grizzling and refusing to co-operate with anyone, I think I’d best get on with this week’s roundup.

*  “I think she looks a bit like a cross between a dolphin and Rachel McAdams”

*  A 6k run and the car cleaned before breakfast on a Sunday – what is wrong with me?

*  Another day in the Shire, and the fun that it brings.  And unfortunately, the bad smell.

*  Dan’s new wheels: we are now a two-Ka family!

*  It’s taken since last June, but I now finally have my own locker in work!

*  The trailer for William and Kate: the movie.  If you haven’t been ‘lucky’ enough to see it so far, I have a treat for you:

*  Girl’s night in with Donna.  Watching Coyote Ugly, Mean Girls AND Easy A all in one night!

*  Finally sorting through some pictures from the last few months.  You’ll all get to see them soon, promise!

*  Getting Little Sister back from uni for the Easter holidays.

*  Slimming World’s spinach, feta and red pepper pie.  Absolutely gorgeous and really quite virtuous.  Will try and post a recipe soon, but it was so delicious that it was all gone before I had a chance to take a photo!

*  Attending the wedding ceremony and evening celebrations of a schoolfriend on Friday.  Scary as it is that my group of friends are starting to get married, it was a really lovely day, and it was so nice to be a part of it.  Congratulations Mr and Mrs Oakley!