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© Naomi Thorne, 2011

I had been so worried that the enthusiasm I showed in my previous post about the Bristol 10k would vanish entirely, and that right about now I would be writing a post titled something like ‘The Bristol 10k – why I failed’ that I hadn’t really considered the opposite possibility.  I am in my fourth week (of eight) of training now, and – dare I say it – I’m feeling pretty good.  I haven’t missed a training run yet, and am finding that on returning from a run I feel energised (alright, and a bit smug) instead of drained and exhausted.  The time in which I actually complete the course has not really been a massive concern for me (I’m more worried about just finishing with my limbs and dignity intact) but I have found myself cranking up the pace from self-titled ‘old lady shuffle’ to something far more like ‘normal, healthy human jogging’.  I haven’t quite got the guts to time myself properly yet, but anecdotally, Dan is getting more and more surprised by how quickly I am returning to the house following a run around the town, so that has to be a good sign.

Of course, at this point it would be just plain foolish not to drop a link in to my fund-raising website, just in case you’re feeling extra specially generous today!  So many people have been kind enough to donate already, but I am desperate to smash my £250 target out of the park – here’s the link if you fancy helping out: http://www.justgiving.com/naomi-thorne