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Wouldn’t it be nice to think that this fabulous sunshine we’ve been enjoying would stay with us until sometime in September?  Since the arrival of the longer days and the brighter weather, I have seen a definite improvement in my mood, further evidence that I am definitely a mild S.A.D sufferer.  Walking to work has become that much more enjoyable and I am far more inclined to pull on my running shoes when I get home if it’s still light outside!  I am already starting to dream of pub gardens and picnics, although with this being my first summer of proper full-time work, such escapades won’t perhaps be as spontaneous as they might once have been.  Never mind, hopefully I shall just appreciate them more when good weather and free time magically come together!

Here’s my little round-up of the last seven days:

*  Huw Stephens‘ weekend afternoon show on Radio 1.  It provided an excellent soundtrack to our cross-country drive this afternoon.  Not a dud track in sight!

*  Going running just as the sun starts to set.  Much cooler, and so beautiful!

*  Punting on the Cam in a maxidress.  I was quite good at it as well: a double triumph.

© Naomi Thorne, 2011

© Naomi Thorne, 2011

*  Home-made chilli con carne on a Sunday evening.

*  Daiquiris, Vaultinis, Fruit Pastels and Hurricanes at The Vaults in Cambridge.  Hello, hangover!

*  The continuation of my 10k training, and the triumph that comes from gradually increasing my speed from ‘old-lady-shuffle’ to ‘normal human jogging pace’.

*  Surviving the end of the old/beginning of the new tax year without any major stresses and just the one 7am start.

*  Getting rid of clothes that I bought less than a year ago because they are now way too big to salvage…

*…  And replacing them with some gorgeous new ones!

*  Catching up with friends from university…  Two in one week!

*  Cracking out the self-tanning moisturiser to try and take my skin from ‘see-through-blue’ to something a little less frightening.

*  The start of my LOVEFiLM subscription, and the joy it’s bringing.  My list is getting seriously long!

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