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As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I have signed up to run the Bristol 10k on May 15th in order to get a bit fitter and raise some money for a good cause.  The charity I have chosen is Mencap, as they are the charity that my company (the Co-operative) have chosen to support on 2011.  Although I have recently got back into the habit of regular exercise, I’ll admit that Zumba and the occasional Active Fitball class has hardly left me at my physical peak.  I’m a sucker for a challenge, and if it’s for a good cause then all the better, so the 10k seemed like the obvious choice.

But how to start preparing?  Well, in situations like this, it always makes sense to start with the shoes:

© Naomi Thorne, 2011

Given that I am flat-footed and have a tendency to run with ‘disco hips’, it was hugely important that I didn’t run in footwear that was likely to damage my body more than it was going to help it.  So I headed down to Moti, on Whiteladies Road in Bristol.  Their Shoefit Lab analyses your running gait and selects shoes based on what your body requires.  One of the trained fitters, Andy,sorted me out with the rather fetching pair of Asics you see above in just thirty minutes, and I highly recommend their service and expertise.

Next up, THE TUNES.  I begin my eight-week training programme next Monday, so will be spending a fair amount of time in the gym, on the treadmill, on my own.  So the next step was to dig out my gorgeous little iPod Shuffle:

© Naomi Thorne, 2011

I have downloaded the Ministry of Sound’s Running Trax albums one and two, and will keep re-syncing every so often to mix up the songs and give me a bit of variety!

Finally, but most importantly of all, I have set up my sponsorship site.  Gone are the days when you had to go around people’s houses with a grubby piece of paper for them to sponsor you, now it’s as easy as a few clicks.  So here it is!


I have seen so many examples of the generosity of the blogging community, and it would seriously mean the world to me if you would considering helping me toward my fundraising goal.  I know times are tough right now, but with the whole economy feeling the pinch, charities need our help more than ever as their government funding is squeezed or even removed completely.  If you are unable to donate money, then if you would be so kind as to post a link to my JustGiving site on your blog or twitter feed, I would be eternally grateful.  Please let me know if you do this in case I don’t get to see it!

In advance, thank you so much.