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Day 5: a song that reminds you of someone

I suggested when I first started this challenge that my knowledge of popular music was somewhat encyclopaedic, and I would take this concept further by venturing that it is a fully cross-referenced type of encyclopaedia at that.  I make a very strong connection indeed between a song and a particular place, person or feeling, so the ‘a song that reminds you of…’ series has proved especially difficult for me to select tracks for.  I’m not totally sure that it’s cool to really like John Mayer’s music anymore, but I do anyway, and when I first bought his Room For Squares album, it stayed in my car stereo for months and months.  As a result, my sister – who I was always giving lifts to – came to associate the album, and especially the track ‘Neon’ with me.  In turn, that song now makes me think if her every time I hear it.