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We interrupt this broadcast to bring you some very serious news.  I think I might be dying.  Alright, OK, it’s not that bad, but I’m certainly under the weather.  As is often the way with annual leave, the moment you are able to stop and relax, your body does the same and the pesky germs get to you.  I’ve had a sniffly cold for the last couple of days, but have woken up this morning with a touch of nausea, fatigue and weakness added to the mix.  As a result, I am on the sofa, in my pyjamas, under the duvet.  I have to admit, it’s helping, as is Dan being an angel and making me food and filling up my water glass. It’s not all been sickness and lame this week though!

*  Despite being very busy, the feeling of being on annual leave.  Hurrah for having another week to go!

*  Going back to school – more on this soon!

*  A riotous Monday night Slimming World session, complete with tasting session and lots of giggles.

*  Sharing in a blogger’s exciting news (I’m looking at you, Leia!).

*  A weekend in Hereford for my stepfather’s 60th birthday.  Lots of food and drink and laughs, and being fabulously looked after by both Saxty’s Bar & Grill and Razbari Indian Restaurant.  Plus, I got to crack out the new Dorothy Perkins maxi!

*  The Sunday papers.  Currently scattered all over my living room floor.

(Image HERE)

*  Finding a brownie recipe that I really want to try (via Rachel).

*  Painting my nails in No7 Stay Perfect ‘Pink Grapefruit’ to help me think of summer!

*  Signing up for my FIRST EVER 10k run.  More on that soon, too!