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Whoops, little late with this one.  But at least it’s still Sunday!

*  My continuing love for The Office: an American Workplace.  I even cried a bit at a ‘Jim and Pam moment’ earlier in the week.

*  Feeling an awful lot better.  Phew.  Stupid hormones.

*  Payday!  At last!

*  Sunday shopping trips with Mama Thorne that are far more productive than previous ones.

*  Day-long meetings that nearly kill me, and the amazing feeling that is leaving them.

*  Two weeks off from Tuesday!

*  …  Planning what to do with said two weeks off.

*  Hearing that all is well in Southern California, and laughing at the fact that it has been cold there!

*  Work nights out with ‘the clique’.

*Muffin-making, round two!

*  Friday night should always be hot-tub night.

*  I bought a cardigan in a size ten today.  My stars are clearly all in the right place.

*  I’m going back to school  (for a bit)!