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I feel like I am finally starting to get into the habit of regular posting.  I am starting to see inspiration in lots more places, and feel like my ‘voice’ is getting steadier and stronger all the time.  I have always had quite a random, spur-of-the-moment attitude when it has come to writing, both informally and as part of my education, but am starting to see the sense in a little bit of planning just to ensure that the blog does not go neglected for long periods of time, even when I am busy with other elements of my life!  How do you plan your blog posts?  By the week?  Month?  Or just spur of the moment?  And what do you do when inspiration strikes?

Today, I have mainly been dreaming of California again.

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After spending two glorious weeks in California last summer, I have been trying to formulate a relocation plan ever since.  Thus far, the best I have been able to come up with is ‘marry an American and get a Green Card’, but I’m not totally sure how I would fit Dan into this.  Talking to my little sister – my travel buddy for the trip – on the phone just now has made me want to go back even more, especially when we got to reminiscing just how amazing the breakfast pancakes were at David’s Deli on Geary Street in San Francisco.  (At this point, Naomi is temporarily lost in a food-memory…)

When I’ve not been recounting calorific experiences on the West Coast today, I have been wondering what to listen to.  As an avid Radio 4 devotee, I find that I struggle to keep up with new music, yet still go through phases where I want something new to try out, musically-speaking.  I have put out appeals through all the usual social media outlets, but was wondering if you had any suggestions for me?