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This week’s Sunday snapshot manages to sum up quite effectively how I’m feeling right now, as well as what’s been going on in my world this week.  I must be getting better at these weekly roundups.  I also think that they’re starting to help me like Sundays more, so it’s a win all round really.  Hope you’re all well, thanks for continuing to read!

*  A Sunday afternoon spent with Dan’s sister and her son, Alfie.  Leanne’s delicious roast + jigsaw puzzles and games with a cheeky three-year-old = the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

*  Being told that you’re good at what you do, and that you’d be great at doing something else, by different people in the same week.

*  Weekend CSI marathons with Dan.  I feel like we’ve been watching CSI:NY for years, but we are apparently still only on season one.  We are both hooked on forensic crime drama, and the complete boxsets were our first major joint investment.  And they look so awesomely gruesome in HD on our big TV!

*  The feeling of getting to the end of a week that had, at one point, a fellow colleague and myself considering weeping in our office.  It’s been hectic, but we did it!

*  Spring is trying to arrive!  (more on that later this week)

*  Catching up with all the goings-on at London Fashion Week via some of the amazing blogs I follow, and finding some new ones to have a nosey at in the mean time!

*  Schoolfriend Frankie’s fantastic hen night.  The Mezze at the Royal George looked after us most excellently – daiquiris and rosé flowing freely – and I karaoke’d my heart out.  Even better was waking up hangover free today – a feeling I do not deserve!

*  Having an evening of random and almost dangerous levels of productivity.  I even got in touch with the tax office about something.  Yeah, that productive.

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*  Wisdom tooth pain, hormonal meltdowns, my own special brand of headache…  The human body is a wonderful machine, but mine’s been messing me around a little this week.

*  Taking positive steps towards working out what I want to do in life.