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And relaaaaax…  This week has been one that I am really rather glad to get to the end of.  I’ve got rather a lot going on in work at the moment – roll on two weeks off at the beginning of March! – and as a result I have spent the week trying to fit more into days than I’m sure is humanly possible.  Plus, I have woken up this morning to the worrying pain in my jaw that is my impacted wisdom tooth making its presence felt.  I can feel a trip to the dentist is probably imminent.

When faced with a week that leaves the nerves somewhat frayed, I usually turn to home-cooked food (homemade tuna pasta bake), comfy clothes (SoulCal baggy sweatpants and pink M&S cashmere sweater) and something good to listen to.  Adele blew the BRIT Awards away on Tuesday night with her beautiful, stripped-down ‘Someone Like You’, but I confess that I only got round to watching the performance tonight.  It gave me goosebumps and made me all teary, yet at the same time had an incredibly soothing effect on me.  If you haven’t yet seen it, or one to relive it all over again, here it is:

As host James Corden so succinctly put it: “You can have all the dancers, pyrotechnics and laser shows you want, but if you sound like that, all you need is a piano.”

Whilst all my glamorous blogger acquaintances head to London for Fashion Week, I will be engaging in slightly more low-key activities.  I have a dreaded Saturday morning shift to contend with tomorrow, and the far more fun prospect of a schoolfriend’s hen night in the evening.  It is so strange that I am at the age where friends are starting to get married, and no-one’s batting an eyelid, but I’ll endeavour to calm down and not be too freaked out by the idea: after all, I hear there could be karaoke involved!