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It is highly unusual for me to reach Sunday evening and for the predominant feeling not to be “ugh, it’s Sunday evening”.  In recent weeks I have been feeling utterly exhausted and washed out by the time the weekend arrives (fighting off a virus?  S.A.D?  Apathy?  Answers on a postcard if you will…), so they have mainly been spent catching up on sleep and avoiding doing as much as possible.  This week however, whatever had been afflicting me appears have decided to leave me alone at last, and I am feeling much better.  As a result, this weekend has been one of the most satisfying I’ve had in a while.  I’ve got stuff done, I’ve been sociable and I haven’t slept/eaten my way through the entire two days, which is always a bonus.  As a result, my usual Sunday night feeling has been replaced by a feeling of contentment that is most rare.  Hopefully this rose-tinted-ness will show in this week’s roundup…

*  Finding the next perfume I want to buy – Nina, by Nina Ricci –  thanks to Rosie, Jack’s sister.

*  Mama Thorne bought me an Iain Green print for Christmas and he has returned to me from the framers this week.  I can’t wait to get him on the wall!

© Naomi Thorne, 2011

*  A weekend in the house by myself, as Dan skipped off to London and Cambridge to spend some time with friends.  Love really is being able to spend time apart as well as together.

*  A win (and a convincing one at that) for Wales in the Six Nations against Scotland.  And the afternoon of yelling “COME ON SQUAREHEAD” at the TV with Claire, Jack and Joe.

*  Remembering to get my camera out and snap – I have been a little lazy on the photography front recently.

*  Suffering a bit of a blow early this week when my weekly weigh-in brought an increase rather than a decrease in my weight.  However, the upshot of this is my determination to make the plan work after two months of stagnating has been firmly reset.  It can’t always be good news!

*  Despite the above, I have still been able to justify getting my bake on!  I found a Slimming World blueberry muffin recipe and they are amazing, and really easy to make.  I’ve not really baked much before, so the whole experience was rather satisfying and extremely tasty!

© Naomi Thorne, 2011

*  The satisfaction that comes from deep-cleaning your house, conveniently just in time for a period inspection by your rental agent.

*  Sunday shopping trips in the rain, that start off a bit vague, and end up being incredibly useful.

*  A Valentine’s card from Pippa, dedicated to the “most beautiful blogger I know”.  What an accolade!

© Naomi Thorne, 2011

*  Participating in two Zumba classes, an Active Fitball class and a workout using Your Shape: Fitness Evolved on the XBox all in one week –  a new exercise record for me.  As a result, I am in a world of pain, but it’s that satisfying sort of pain one gets from good exercise.  Just don’t make me laugh, sneeze or cough.  Please?