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Happy Sunday everyone!  Today I am mainly suffering from a touch of the temporary tinnitus after a night out in Bristol, although it was definitely worth it.  Mercifully, I am hangover free, and have spend the day pottering around doing semi-useful things.  Later, I’m going to hop over to Jack’s house as he’s having a ‘Manly Pursuits’ evening in celebration of the Superbowl (I’ll probably be serving drinks and wiping up spills), although I shan’t be staying to watch the game, as it lasts for about three years and I have work in the morning.  Mondays are bad enough without being dead-on-your-feet tired!  Here’s what’s being going on with me this week:

*  I got to see Black Swan on another ‘Naomi and Dan Cinema Sunday’.  It was totally amazing, and I am working on a review that should be posted soon – if I wait much longer I’ll be celebrating the DVD release.

*  On the movie theme, I watched The Town on Friday night.  Ben Affleck gets a hard time – always taken with very good grace – but all joking aside he really is a talented writer and director.  The cast was spot-on too; I love Jon Hamm, Rebecca Hall and Blake Lively.  The only downside was that its bank-robbing theme made me a little nervous about work the next morning!

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*  Celebrating Claire’s birthday with my first night out in Bristol for a long time.  The Lizard Lounge is simultaneously the worst and best nightclub in the world, and for that reason I totally love it.  They played Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus and everything.

*  Being given the responsibility of buying the boss’ 30th birthday present and SUCCEEDING.  (Phew)

*  Sunday afternoons watching The Office: an American Workplace and Mean Girls.

*  Haircut and highlights day – Sheleen at Kopperz Hair Studio is amazing, I trust her totally!

*  A Twitter mention of a bad date from Susie prompting a discussion about the social drinking problem in the UK between her, Leia and myself.

*  The start of the Six Nations.  Yes, Wales lost to England (devastating), but watching it with a bunch of friends and a Chinese takeaway makes it that little bit more bearable.

*  Does anyone have any cake?  I’m having a major craving.

*  Jessie J’s new song, Price Tag, and in fact, Jessie J in general.  Do It Like A Dude had me thinking that she was just a deliberately controversial singer using new ‘feminist’ ideas to score a hit – similar to the way I felt about Katy Perry when she released I Kissed A Girl.  However, much like Perry, Jessie has shown that there is more to her style and range than that.  Her talent as a songwriter really shines through on her second release;  Price Tag is infectious, clever and a sure sign that Jessie J certainly deserves both BBC Radio 1’s Sound of 2011 accolade and the 2011 Critic’s Choice BRIT Award.