Sunday snapshot is always the easiest piece of the week to write, in my opinion, as it is usually just a list of ‘stuff’ that has happened in the last week, that I care to remember and report.  However, as this blog develops, I am finding that my introduction to the list is becoming  increasingly more important to me.  I want it to be something that people will read and hopefully enjoy, and not just skip past.  I have subscribed to quite a few blogs recently and am starting to notice each individual writer’s style, and it fascinates me.  The aim of me starting and maintaining this blog was to help me establish a creative ‘voice’, and to give me something to do outside of work, and I’d like to think that in the four months ‘better read than heard’ has been running that my voice is starting to get louder.  Writing – whether creatively or for academic purposes – has always had an element of trial and error to it for me, and although I know the basic rules of the pen (or keyboard, nowadays), a lot of my knowledge is more ‘hands-on’, experience-based.  Luckily, I’m spongelike enough to absorb all the useful stuff.  At least I hope so.

So, back to this week:

*  The King’s Speech, last week’s ‘Sunday night cinema’ treat.  A truly beautiful film, funny and heartwarming.  You can read my review here.

*  January is nearly over, finally!

*  Taking part in a second Zumba class in Thornbury this week.  I’m totally hooked!

*  Cutting my own fringe, and it not being a total disaster.  Phew.

*Gosh, TV is mighty good at the moment isn’t it?  It is, I confess, one thing I love about January.  This week I have mainly been enjoying Silent Witness, One Born Every Minute, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and Tool Academy.  Bit of a mixed bag there.

*  Being insanely excited about that fact that the start of the RBS Six Nations is less than a week away.

(Oh yeah, I’ll be cheering for Wales.  Just a heads-up.  Image here)

*  Saturday trips to Cotswold towns.  Even if it is insanely cold, and the staff in the pub forget about my lunch.

*  Yankee Candles.  I have just been bought a Cranberry Chutney one and it smells delicious!

*  Giving my nails time to breathe.  I am itching to paint them again, but they got a bit damaged through being constantly polished for the last few months.  Right now they are a blank canvas that I want to get started on!

*  Listening to a lot of John Mayer.  It’s not especially cool, but I like his music all the same.