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If you use Google’s blog search filter and type in “what’s in my handbag”, the search returns getting on for 300,000 hits.  A popular meme amongst fashion bloggers the world over, I decided to give the idea a go after the handbag I have in use at the moment was admired at a meal recently and described as a ‘Mary Poppins’ type.  I started this post some time ago, and it has been languishing in my ‘drafts’ folder ever since, until Jen over at A Little Bird Told Me… discussed the popularity of memes on her first ‘Blog Issue’ of 2011.  With her post fresh in my mind, I’m going to promote this bad boy to published status!


© Naomi Thorne, 2010

The bag is an absolute beauty, bought from Wallis for my 21st birthday a couple of years ago by lovely Mama Thorne.  It achieves the marvellous illusion of looking far more expensive than it is, and is a winter staple for me.  It also has absolutely stacks of room in it, making it a perfect bag to dive into for the purposes of this post.


© Naomi Thorne, 2010

So, starting clockwise from the top left-hand corner, off we go…

  • iPod touch – useful for tunes on the go, and tunes in the car.  I invested in a Spotify Premium subscription last year and the wonderful thing about that is that my awesome playlists are now available on the go, wherever I am!  It also means that I very rarely purchase music from iTunes – making the £9.99 a month very much worth it.
  • Compact digital camera – as wonderful as my DSLR is, it’s pretty damn bulky, so it only tends to accompany me on scheduled excursions.  Having a decent compact camera on me at all times means that a photo op is never missed!  This one is a Sony Cyber-Shot from the W series that Dan bought me for my birthday and it is very smart.  I had an old Olympus until very recently, and the difference in functionality is huge!
  • Blackberry Bold 9700 – I have only very recently joined the Blackberry revolution, but I haven’t looked back since!  I actually use my laptop less frequently, and never miss an important email.  I also never miss a nondescript mailing list that I signed up to years ago, but I am working on clicking that ‘unsubscribe’ button.
  • Purse – Accessorize, functional, does the job.  Pretty though, and real leather, which is a must for me.
  • Umbrella – well, I am in England!  I went through a phase of losing/breaking umbrellas on an almost monthly basis.  This one came into my life in September 2007 and has remained steadfast ever since.  It’s not so great in gale force winds though.
  • Tissues – I sneeze a lot, it’s weird.  I like to always be prepared with cute tissue packets like these!
  • Organiser and pens – there are normally hundreds of pens in my handbag, but every so often I have an audit and clear a few out.  Despite the arrival of my Blackberry, the pleasure of writing something down will never leave me.  I take after my father in that I always have little scraps of paper tucked inside listing account numbers, my targets for the month at work, the dimensions of my spare room…
  • Railcard and mini Moleskine – essential for one third off rail travel (the only reason I maintain a graduate account with Natwest) and inspiration on the go respectively.


© Naomi Thorne, 2010

  • On the go beauty bits – My hair gets very knotty, even when there is no wind – why is this?  Does anyone know? – so I always have to have a hairbrush or a comb in my bag and a teeny-tiny one like this is extra convenient.  The No. 7 powder compact is an absolute must for a girl like me, who unfortunately still suffers from teenage skin at 23, and the rosy Vaseline gives the tiniest hint of colour on the lips without looking too obvious.    As for the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, well, talk about a cult product!  I have had the travel-sized tube since late 2009, and it is still going strong.  It makes an excellent lip gloss, or a base for lipstick, cures just about any skin ailment and has a deeply satisfying smell and texture.  The second it runs out I will be sourcing myself another tube!
  • Cotton bag for life – In an attempt to be a little friendlier to the environment, I bought this reusable tote from my local Co-operative.  With more and more shops charging for plastic bags, or providing poor-quality free ones in order to make bringing your own more appealing, it is in use all the time.
  • Green leather gloves – I picked these up in the Oasis sale years ago, and I am yet to find a pair adequate enough to replace them.  The fit on them is superb, the colour is eye-popping, and they are the only gloves I own that are suitable to drive in – mmmm, grippy.
  • Keys, to just about everywhere – House keys, card keys, keys to Mum’s house, keys to my work…  I am irrationally scared of losing keys, a side-effect of coming from a family of jailers? (That’s not a joke!)


© Naomi Thorne, 2010

  • Name badge – This one is for professional purposes only, I’m not usually in the habit of wearing it outside of the office.  I even take it off if I pop out to the shops at lunchtime – I don’t want you knowing my name, random stranger, unless you need me to help you with your money!
  • Bag hook – This final item is kind of special.  My former housemate’s mother bought us girls one each last year.  In Mexico, where she was living at the time, it is considered bad luck to put your handbag on the floor at all – superstition and tradition dictate that if you do, all your wealth will simply drain out of the bottom of it.  So, little hooks like these are ingenious, as they attach firmly to a table-top providing you with your own full-portable bag stand!  I really like the eerie, slightly creepy illustration on it.  It’s also a good idea to keep your bag off the floor if you don’t fancy it getting grubby too!

So, there you have it.  Being the nosy parker I am, I love to read these types of posts that other people have produced, so I thought I would provide some fodder for those of a similar disposition.  Please comment with links to your own posts if you wish, I can’t get enough!