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Can January be over already please?  Despite my best efforts, I still appear to be suffering from a  mild yet persistent case of the January blues, and there’s not much that appears to be shaking them off.  Even the arrival of payday yesterday hasn’t done that much to sweeten me up, and I’ve spent all day thinking that it’s Thursday, which is always a bit devastating when you finally learn the truth.  Nonetheless, I have decided that I am going to try and stop giving off such depressed vibes at the moment, as the wallowing in my own self-pity thing is totally uncool, and not how I normally roll at all.  After all, things could be so much worse right now: I am a very lucky girl.

Last night, as I was tackling the enormous pile of ironing that I had managed to ignore for what felt like several years, Dan and I got to discussing our top five celebrity crushes.  You know, the five people on this earth that, if ‘the opportunity’ (say no more) presented itself and you were to take it, no judgement would be passed.  Dan has actually struggled to think of his five (kind of sweet, in a way), but for the record, just in case, here are mine (in no particular order):

  1. Daniel Craig
  2. Matt Damon
  3. Tom Ward
  4. Jake Gyllenhaal
  5. Ryan Reynolds

Have you and your other half discussed your ‘lists’ yet?  Does the idea creep you out?  And what happens if you wish to edit ‘the list’?  That last question always reminds me of an early Friends episode, “The One With Frank Jnr.”, where Ross misses out on an opportunity to spend a night with Isabella Rossellini when she notices that she hasn’t made the final cut of Ross’ laminated ‘list’.  Knowing my luck, that would be just the sort of thing that would happen to me.

Sorry that posts on here have been thin on the ground this week, I have several things that I am working on, but haven’t quite got round to finishing just yet.  Maybe I’ll get my act together when February 1st arrives?