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I’m having one of those ‘nothing’ weekends.  Aside from working yesterday morning, I have achieved very little at all in the last two days.  As much as I feel that I have needed the rest, I’m not that good at doing nothing at all, yet have been in one of those moods where I haven’t really had the inclination to step onto the path of fulfilling activity.  I feel a bit like I have been transported back to my student days when I would desperately avoid doing work and procrastinate to within hours of a deadline, but right now I’m not entirely sure what I am putting off.

*  I got Pinterest.  I am still having a nose around at the moment, so my profile is incomplete, but I have some invites available if anyone is interested in giving it a whirl?  Comment with your email address if so.

*  Speaking of invitations, I also just discovered I have SIXTEEN Spotify Free invitations to get rid of.  The ‘Free’ service is invitation-only, and allows unlimited streaming of the Spotify catalogue, with adverts every 20 minutes or so.  It is a step up from the ‘Open’ package, which only gives you 20 hours of streaming a month.  Again, comment with your email address if you wish!

*  Midweek meals with the family to celebrate Nanna Thorne’s birthday at Mediterraneo in the Village, Cardiff.

*  Wishing I had the negotiation skills of 30 Rock’s Jack Donaghy.

*  Feeling like I might be getting the hang of this blogging lark, at last.

*  Merton, The Piano Improv Guy.  His videos have been cracking me up all day.

*  Friday night Chinese at mama Thorne’s house to wish my sister well as she returns to uni in Cardiff.  And the undisturbed night’s sleep that followed from sleeping in a bed on my own!

*  Being super-organised with my contribution for February’s British Style Bloggers ebook.

*  Climbing back on the weight-loss wagon, after weeks of reckless food abandonment!

*  Staying up late on a Saturday night to watch Van Wilder: Party Liaison…  Write that down.

*  Getting home from work and there still being the tiniest bit of light in the sky.  Thank goodness, spring is on it’s way.

*  Finally procuring the Alan Partridge boxset on loan from fellow non-adviser Steffan.  “Smell my cheese, you mother!”