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Thursday.  Jeudi.  Al khamis.  I am so pleased that it is nearly the end of the week.  Although I am not nearly as tired as I was at the end of last week, I’m still at the point where I would choose ‘going back to bed for a nap’, almost regardless of what the other option was.  To this end, I have spent the evening in sweatpants, cooking chilli, and dreaming of being able to fritter away my next pay packet on OPI’s Katy Perry Mini Collection and a Moleskine notebook (I blame you for both of these things, Rachel Phipps!).

Anyway, the fabulous Amy Claire Thompson – always a source of inspiration to me – is taking part in 2011’s ‘Pay It Forward’ and I decided that I wanted to get involved too.  So, here goes…

The whys and wherefores:

*  To be an eligible participant, you must comment on this post and include your email address so I can get in touch!  You must also post this on your blog and get involved in the fun too!

*  I am open for international entries.

*  I will endeavour to make something for my five entrants, but I promise that at the very least you will get a nice handwritten letter with some goodies thrown in!

*  Finally, a polite request.  If you are already involved in a ‘pay it forward’ somewhere else along the line, it might be nice to let others get a chance first. But that’s up to you, and of course, more than anything I want entries!

Looking forward to hearing from you! xxx