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I’m not entirely sure that there is much to talk about this week.  As previous posts and my twitter have mentioned, I have been struck with a sudden tiredness in recent days, which I hope is just the festivities of the last month and returning to work catching up with me, rather than the beginning of anything more sinister (there’s been rather a lot of virus-y things about lately which I have so far been fortunate enough to avoid).  In fact, this weekend has been so quiet that, once this post is finished, I will be leaving the house for the first time since I got home from work on Friday, if only because I am concerned for the mental health implications of only venturing away from home for work.  So, in no particular order:

*  I saw Love And Other Drugs on Tuesday (and wrote about my love for Anne Hathaway) with my sister and my mum, and totally loved it.  I do love a good rom-com, especially one that chooses not to completely abide by the tried-and-tested formula.

*  The new season of Silent Witness continues, and so does my love of Dr. Harry, especially in HD.

*  Whilst I’m on the television subject, The Big Bang Theory just keeps getting better.  I am controlling the urge to make another boxset purchase…

*  Saturday night gin drinking with Claire and Jack.  Bombay Sapphire all the way.

*  Claire phoning me with somewhat crazy ideas on a Sunday morning, and having to check that she’s not still drunk from aforementioned gin-drinking session.

*  … Me agreeing to said crazy idea anyway.

*  “I went nuts when you left!  I broke a lamp!”

*  Spending hours looking at furniture store websites and checking the local free ads for the last few pieces I want for the house.

*  Biscuits, left over from Christmas.  So wrong, yet so, so right.

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