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© Naomi Thorne, 2010

Given that we are now so near to Christmas day, and I have a rather busy week ahead of me, I decided on Sunday night to get my nails well and truly in the festive spirit.  I bought Models Own ‘Blue Sparkle’ at the Clothes Show Live the other weekend, and had been looking forward to putting it to good use.  As the polish is large hexagons in a clear suspension, I applied two coats of Ruby & Millie ‘Blue 260C’ first to give a solid base, and then whacked (technical term) a couple of coats of the sparkles on the top.  It took a few hours, but I think the effect was well and truly worth it.  I am cheered up every time I look at them, and my customers at work have commented on them for the last two days.  That’s me, always spreading festive cheer whenever I can!