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So, here we are on a snowy Sunday, with the threat of more to come overnight and tomorrow.  Living just a mile from work, there shall be no snow days for me, whatever the weather, but at least adverse conditions might keep some of the customers away!  My weekend was affected by the snow though, although not nearly as badly as the plans of others have been scuppered.  As a result, I have spend almost the entire weekend chilling out at home which, although unexpected, has been totally fantastic.  With four and a half working days still left until Christmas, and a fairly social week planned, I get the feeling I will be grateful of the rest by the time Christmas actually arrives!  Anyway, onto ‘business’.

*  The Apprentice final!  I have totally loved this series; from sausages to boardroom sniping and all that has come between.  It has also been incredibly good fun to join in with live-Tweeting my way through episodes, and get involved the water-cooler talk the following day.

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*  Sparkly nails, just in time for Christmas.

*  Lovely emails landing in my inbox.

*Getting Little Sister home for Christmas – despite the weather.

*  Practical jokes – even if there is a danger of being knocked out with a frying pan.

*  Wedding news, and the inevitable hysteria that follows.

*  Snow, of course.  Despite the inconvenience it has caused many, it really is rather beautiful, and I was fortunate enough to be able to head out and get some shots yesterday.


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