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I woke up this morning – thankfully cured of my epic hangover – to the news that it was the 29th of November. I mean, the actual date didn’t come as that much of a surprise (it wasn’t that bad a hangover), but the idea that by the end of this week it would be December was a bit of a shocker. With quite a long list of people to buy presents and write cards for, Dan and I had started our preparations in early November with great aplomb. However, as the month has progressed, our enthusiasm appears to have wavered somewhat, and all of a sudden here we are with less than four weeks to go until the big day and rather a lot of stuff not done.

Not to worry though. Today I have ordered another gift online, planned a late-night shopping trip for tomorrow, and worked out that I will spend next Sunday finishing off the cards (whilst hungover again, probably).

One thing I can say with a certain degree of pride is that we have managed to work out the visiting arrangements for the Christmas period. With Dan and I coming from large (read: dysfunctional families, there was always going to be a strong element of ‘prime-ministerial-state-visit’ planning involved in the holiday weekend. Yes, it’s going to mean a lot of cooked dinners, loading and unloading cars full of presents and potential battling of the elements (who knows?), but if I’m not having to cook the dinners, drive the cars, or navigate alternative routes I reckon it might be worth it. Delegation is a wonderful thing.