This week’s snapshot makes it’s way to you from my sofa at home, suffering from a hangover of student proportions.  My birthday week has been an absolute cracker, and culminated in a night of party food and politically incorrect drinking games at my house last night.  As a result, I think I might be dying.  I did manage to get dressed for long enough to have friends round for lunch, but almost as soon as they had left, I was in my pyjamas and wallowing in self-pity.  Not to worry though, I trust that I can still deliver this post to you without passing out over the keyboard.

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*  BIRTHDAY!  I quite like that I am still at the stage in my life where I actually look forward to birthdays, and can still justify spreading out the celebration of them to several  days.  My 23rd has been no exception.  I have taken a well-earned long weekend off from Slimming World and have been in a food-and-drink-coma pretty much non-stop.  Chinese, Italian, party food…  You name it, I’ve probably eaten it.  I’ve also lots of lovely presents and cards, and have been well and truly spoiled.

*  The news that I will be heading to the Clothes Show Live next weekend for the first time ever, with a press pass!  So excited to see what it’s all about as well as spending some time with some of the amazing British Style Bloggers team!

*  Emily Teague‘s beautiful album.  I can claim the honour of having worked with her whilst she was figuring out what to do after her degree and I was deciding whether or not to do mine.  I’m so glad she decided to go with the music!

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*  New patterned tights from H&M.  Snazzy legs!

*  Purchasing my first EVER pair of skinny jeans (Topshop Kristens, if you must know).  Up to now I’ve always looked a bit strange in them, but since dropping a bit of weight, I look far more proportioned and felt confident enough to buy a pair!

*  Having flowers delivered to work

*  Patriotic homeware in the form of my new Union Jack sofa cushion.  Just lusting after a ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ one now!

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*  Getting mail – unless it’s a bill.  This week of course, it’s mainly been birthday cards – the best kind of post!  My recommendation would be to go for e-bills where you can, so that when something does land on your doormat, it’s far more likely to be something welcome!