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Having not posted in two weeks due to being busier than I think I am, I have decided to try a Sunday Snapshot post to ease myself back into this thing, inspired by my lovely editor over at British Style Bloggers, Amy Thompson.  So, here goes my random collection of ‘things’ from the past week:

*  A weekend in Oxford with lovely Leeds alumna Lois (photoblog to follow soon).  So much fun being shown around the colleges by someone who actually studies in Oxford and can get past the porters!



© Naomi Thorne, 2010


*  ZUMBA!  I went to my first class and totally loved it.

*  Driving through the Cotswolds on a wet, bleak day and realising just how beautiful it is.

*  Lauren Pritchard‘s beautiful album, ‘Wasted in Jackson’.

*  Being on the ‘less-than-two-weeks-’til-my-birthday’ countdown.

*  ‘Easy A’ – so pleased I finally got to see it!

*  Seeing my lovely sister home from university on reading week.

*  Pretending to be the boss.

*  Winter Pimms



© Naomi Thorne, 2010


* The jukebox in my head.  Now playing: ’15 minutes’ by The Yeah You’s.

*  Well and truly breaking in the new boots.