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I always knew there was a reason I do my grocery shopping online.  In the past it has always been to prevent me impulse buying food that I don’t need, but I had never considered myself particularly suscpetible to the lure of electrical goods.  Don’t get me wrong, the prospect of a new television had been lurking on the horizon for some time – my mother had taken to calling ours ‘the portable’ – but the other half and I definitely weren’t expecting to pick it up on a Saturday afternoon at the supermarket.  It’s a beauty though, looks exactly like this one…

The reason I will never leave the house again...

It’s 3D – I’m going to have to learn to watch it without feeling nauseous – and was an absolute bargain, considering it’s so top of the range.  At this point in time it seems unlikely that I’ll ever socialise with other human beings again unless they want to park on the sofa and watch the box with me, so who knows it might save me some money there too!

Today, I headed into Bristol to indulge in a little bit of shoe shopping.  My black pumps are falling apart, and my black boots never made it back from Venice in April, after letting the water in whilst walking through the flooded streets.  After money had appeared to fall out of my pockets yesterday, today it seemed nigh on impossible to spend any.  Three hours of traipsing around shops later and I am somewhat grim-faced.  Too expensive, too cheap, staff too rude, colour/detailing not quite right, I am losing my patience and my boyfriend is starting to look worried that I may take it out on him.  Redemption came from the most unlikely source in the end: Marks and Spencer.  After struggling to find even one pair that took my fancy in most shops, I actually came away with two pairs of boots that I have since tried on with a couple of outfits before making the final cut.  Still no pumps though, hoping for less drama when it comes to buying those.

Depressingly, I also started the Christmas shopping today.  I am determined to be organised and spread the cost in an attempt to have a stress-free Christmas!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!