© Naomi Thorne

Today I went out and about exploring with Alan Tansley, who has very kindly offered to help me learn to use my new DSLR (he’s going to make me a crib sheet and everything!).  We headed down to Oldbury-on-Severn to have a walk along the river, a look at the power station and to give me an opportunity to play with Al’s lenses (ooh-er).  It was a beautiful day – albeit a cold one – and I really enjoyed learning how to use my camera on anything apart from ‘auto’ mode.  I still have a lot to learn though, so if anyone has any tips, then do feel free to share!

In other news, I am still tweaking the format of my blog a bit, and still trying to get back into the regular posting thing.  I will get there, I promise, but again would really appreciate some feedback on what people want to read!  Some people call it lazy, I just call it encouraging audience participation…